Definition of Success

I had lunch with a dear friend yesterday and she challenged me to try and define what success looks like for me. It is a much hard thing to do than I initially thought. There are so many influences on our values and beliefs from outside sources, so she encouraged me to identify what examples I was using to define success. Was it coming from a parent, a grandparent, other female entrepreneurs? Then, it’s time to decide what success actually means to me and create a plan to achieve it. I haven’t finished considering all of this, but I know that living a joyful life is a key part. And it is clear that when I serve others, bringing them joy & happiness, I, in return, feel joy. I will keep posting about this topic as I dig into it myself. But I wanted to ask you the same question: What does success look like for you? What influences have created that definition? Where does that picture of success come from? And is it time to redefine that in your life? Please share!

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